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Web 2.0 came as a blessing for the modern era of web designing, It also brought up many technologies ranging from server side language to Django i.e., a client-based language as well as server-side language:

  • The server-side language, which is Java server page (JSP), PHP, and many more
  • The database also came with web 2.0, which stores a lot of information that can be used to authenticate users or display an item from older to recent entries.
  • Client-side language or Back-end language, is a language that works to make sure that everything on the client-side works fine.

       And from this side of web development, Django emerged, It is a web framework that uses Python to create a web design. The main goal of it is to write a very fast website that is dynamic. It came into existence in 2003 under a press agency of Kansas, Lawrence.


The slogan of this framework already describes the explicit nature of this framework “The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”, it allows the web developer to create an efficient web application in a short period.

Django Architecture

The framework of this python based language is focused on MVT ( Model-View-Template) architecture, which is a software design used for developing a web application.

The model works as the interface of the data, and it is the logical structure behind the website or app generally represented by a database.

The view is the user interface usually represented by CSS/HTML.

The Template in this MVP architecture consists of static parts of HTML outputs and syntax, which describes how dynamic content will be installed. 

Django code

Beginners Installation Guide,

-Install Python using the latest version of it

-Install virtual environment 

-set the virtual environment by 

  1. creating a virtual environment with the help of virtualenv_site
  2. changing the directory to env_site
  3. initiating to script directory and activating virtual environment using cd script

-Install Django

-Return to env_site and initiate the project with admin start project geeks_site.

-Go to cd geeks_site and start serving.

Capabilities of Django

  • versatility: Any type of website can be built with Django, It also works as a client-side framework as well as the user-side framework, Django delivers the content in almost any format such as HTML, XML, etc.
  • Scalability: when talking about Django, its main USP is scalability, Django web nodes have no stored data means they scale horizontally.
  • Portability: Django codes can run on any platform such as Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, due to the framework written in Python.
  • Security: Mostly considered as hacker-proof.

Some of the big companies that use Django and some of its framework capabilities are:







The Washington Times

The companies that provide professional Django development services

. Unified Infotech

. A3logics



. Powercode

. Zymr, Inc

. Aalpha information systems, and many more

Some project ideas for the enthusiast,

. Login page for the creation of accounts of different websites and applications. Login information provides security, privacy which is  needed when one own’s a website.

. Calorie counting for the fitness enthusiast, Django and Python can be used to build something that can help people stick to their diet.

. A chatting application

A chatting application, for instance Instagram can be made using its interactive and dynamic framework. 

. Automated social media posts

Scheduling the post for social networking sites like Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram can be initiated with the help of its creative virtual environment.

. Resume building app

If one is in the need of something that builds a resume using innovative templates, the individual can make it himself using Django and Python.

. Shopping site

with amazon and Flipkart flourishing, it is tempting to build your app that focuses on the selling of the goods. By using this framework and python it becomes way easier than any other developing form.

.Content Management

A content management system can also be built with Django web development system.

Moreover, when talking about the project ideas for Django, we can’t forget packages, Here are some packages associated with This framework include Django-Rest-Knox, Django-Allauth and for more detailed intro to the packages refer

This was the server-side part of Django, and when talking about an application the data from the user side is very much essential, and for that form comes into play. Forms are a big part of the internet and one of the primary sources for the user to submit data to servers.

 Working with Forms 

 Consequently Django provides multiple tools and libraries to help the developer build form that accepts input from the site visitors. It’s form functionality can simply do most of your work and can do it more securely than other programs available.

the work of it that is involved in forms are:

. to prepare and reconstruct data to make it renderable.

. Subsequently it create the HTML form for the data

. Besides all this, it receives and processes data from users.

 Some common questions associated with the framework and its uses

What organization manages Django

Django web framework is managed and maintained by an independent, non-profit organization named Django Software Foundation (DSF), whose primary foundation goal is to promote, support, and advance the  Web framework.

What makes it suitable for the development of my site?

 . For instance, its Stability and reliability makes this web development system so appealing and not to mention functional.

. Scalability:  Another USP of this framework is its scalability, and for this reason it is so useful, Django web nodes have no stored data means they scale horizontally.

. Speed: It is python-based, so ideal for quick and effortless building.

Disadvantages associated with Django?

  • The framework modules are However bulky.
  • Furthermore it is completely based on its ORM.
  • Components  deployed together.
  • You must certainly know the full system to work with it.

Is it a new web development system?

Of course, it is a new web development system and its history that came into existence in 2003 under a press agency of Kansas, Lawrence. Although the web framework is managed and maintained by an independent, non-profit organization named Django Software Foundation (DSF). 


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