Innovative Direct Selling Company

Started in 2010, Corevision serviced more than 6 million users until late of 2021. They provide direct selling opportunities to get premium products at reason price and opportunity to grow along with ease of purchasing from the online portal.

What Techvins did?

Techvins build the entire platform on python/django as backend and HTML/CSS/jQuery on frontend. This custom build website have features of a network marketing as well as latest eCommerce portal.

The speed of website was the biggest achievement while Corevision was build,  other than host of features. Especially, the discount bundles. There are 5 different type of discounts which are applied on the cart at the same time based on various factors, which are configurable by the admin from panel.



The previous website was the slow in terms of reporting and loading. We have to break the architecture into micro-services, housed into monolithic . The monolithic helps us to to deliver the features in fast manner and micro services will be kept for the quick adaption with the burst of traffic to deploy on the different machines.